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FitnFresh is currently in the process of making some growing changes. Please look for new opportunities available with FitnFresh in the coming months. 

If you are a chef, restaurant, food service, medical/health facility, assisted living facility or business owner interested in learning more about FitnFresh or would like to integrate the FitnFresh concept within your business please contact us for more information.




FitnFresh provides you with healthy and delicious meals designed for your fitness and daily living needs. FitnFresh meals are locally prepared by exceptional Culinary Staff with clean and whole nutrients. All orders and pickup are available within the facility or business offering fitnfresh meals. Some businesses offer FitnFresh Catering for Executive/Business Meetings, Holiday Parties and Special Occasions and/or Healthy Prepared Take-Out Holiday Dinners.

ALL orders must be picked up at your selected fitnfresh order location and they will be in contact with you to confirm your order.

FitnFresh meals are meant to save you time, money and let you know that what you are eating is actually healthy and portioned out properly for you.  Stop waisting your time shopping for food, researching healthy meals, preparing, cooking and cleaning and save money by quitting the drive through, buying unused cook books and cookware.

FitnFresh affiliates want you to spend more time with your family, participating in activities and work more productively.  You can buy meals for one person or for your whole family. Our FitnFresh affiliates cook meals based on their individual FitnFresh menus.  The possibilities are endless with FitnFresh, order for one week and you will know why the FitnFresh food program is always the best local healthy prepared meals in your Area.  You won’t want to drive through or go to another chain restaurant anymore, trust us!! Plus, you will save your health, too.


FitnFresh is your go to, for fresh and healthy meals. The 10 meal program is available for pre-order through on of our affiliates.  Some FitnFresh affilaites also offer additional FitnFresh Snacks that can be purchased and added onto your order.  Please check with your select FitnFresh affiliate for their order menu.


The FitnFresh online pre-order meal plan includes 10 meals and can range between $90-$130 per order. Single FitnFresh meals and snacks are available for under $13 each at all FitnFresh Affiliate Locations. Each meal is prepared by an exceptional culinary team and they pride themselves in offering a menu with Meals listed with all ingredients and approximate calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.


No more worrying about what your going to eat for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, save time on grocery shopping and feel comfortable knowing that you are eating healthy, clean, fresh meals prepared by the best.

This is a great plan for ANYONE. It works with almost any diet and you can log and track your calories and food by following the meal labels placed on the package or by viewing the meal or snack on the menu at the selected affiliate location.


Not sure what meals to pick or what meals or foods you should be eating daily? ABBRx FitnFresh owner, Kristin Berard, can help create a custom nutrition plan for you based on your FitnFresh affiliate location. Please contact her to schedule a nutrition consultation and you can be on your way to A Better Body as Prescribed.


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